LED Chips & COG’s

Taiwan Semiconductor Lighting Co. (TSLC)
produces high-power LED emitters for general lighting using a unique chip-scale packaging (CSP) technology based on silicon substrate and aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate, providing customers with high price/performance ratio solutions and tailor-made products. 

Using unorthodox surface mount device (SMD) and phosphor coating technologies, the company completes 3535, 5050, 6363, 7070, and 9090 models of encapsulation on 8-inch silicon and AlN wafers at high output. 

The encapsulations range from 1W to 55W, encased by dome lens projecting light at angles of 45, 60, and 120 degrees or lensless flat silicon. 

TSLC's core technologies include excellent thermal dissipation thanks to the combination of AlN substrate with eutectic process and flip-chip bonding; high output with reliable quality thanks to the lens molding technology, which completes over 2,300 3535-type encapsulations on each eight-inch wafer; enhanced efficiency with silicon lens, which provides wide view angle ranging from 60 to 120 degree with light extraction efficiency of 15%; efficient phosphor coating technology, which completes one wafer of LEDs per five minutes, with defect free rate above 99%. 

SemiLEDs is poised to revolutionize the UV LED market with its development of UV LED’s that will both enhance current applications and provide solutions to outstanding problems. 

Honglitronic is one of China’s leading LED manufactures and first to qualify the prestigious LM-80 Lumen Maintenance Report on several LED types. Honglitronic have been appraised in 2011 as China’s No 1 of the most competitive white LED package Manufacture by GG-LED, which is the most authoritative LED industry media in China. They offer a wide scale on LED solutions and have a large range of binning capabilities. Popular sizes such as 3528, 3535 and 5730 run in mass quantities with production times of 8 days if not in stock !

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