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Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of semiconductor and electronic devices that are contributing to the advancement of information-processing and telecommunications. The company develops and manufactures power devices that provide higher operation stability and efficiency. Represented product ranges consist out of:

Power Semiconductors as discretes or modules which contribute to increased efficiency and energy savings by condensing the power chip, required for motor control and power conversion, and the control circuits into one package and by applying inverter technology to all sorts of industrial equipment. 
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High voltage ICs that directly drive IGBTs or power MOSFETs, transistor arrays that condense multiple transistors on one chip, acceleration sensors and pressure sensors contribute to the miniaturization and energy savings of devices. 
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infrared sensors

MelDIR infrared sensors which incorporate thermal-diode infrared sensor technologies realizing higher pixel and high-temperature resolution performance such as with Passive Infrared Ray (PIR) sensors and are ideal for smart city applications and other equipment for control temperature with temperature measurement.
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