New Shindengen website

Shindengen released a new website: Shindengen.com

Notice: IoT Development Kit in High Demand!

Johanson's IoT Development Kit is receiving a lot of interest from design engineers. It's a "one-stop" kit for the most popular RF chipsets and applications solutions in the industry. This applies to wearables, home automation, lighting, audio, and everything in between. Kit p/n is: IOT-L/C402D-1.

Read more about it on http://www.johansontechnology.com/internet-of-things



Power Module for Converter-Brakes

news-pic4Raising of environmental awareness in recent years has resulted in inverter control becoming the primary method of control for industrial motors in a wide variety of fields, and increasing demand for reduced size of control power supplies. Using our own unique mounting technology, Shindengen has developed a power module for converter-brakes which integrates established power devices (e.g. diodes, IGBTs) into a single package.

- Reduced size through modularization

- Insulated package with high heat dissipation

- Improved thermal dissipation allows size reduction and increased capacity

- Safety standards

IP X7 Waterproof Cooling Fan

Whole new waterproof package process! 

- Lower coil temperature and higher reliability.
- Simple structure and easy to assembly with dfifferent bearing system.
- Motor Set package alone. It is easy for 100% inspection of water proving reliability in process.
- Best application for Solar、Lighting and telecommunication market.
- Customized design for Acid、Alkali and Oil proving.

USB 3.1 45W Power Delivery Adapter

indel usb3

Phihong USB 3.1 45W Power Delivery Adapter is a highly efficient charging solution for wide range of applications such as mobile phones, tablets, networking devices, monitors, and notebooks. It supports automatic sensing and switching between 3 output voltages (5V, 12V, 20V) based on different end devices, providing output power up to maximum 45W


SemiLEDs MvpLED Technology

MvpLEDTM                SemiEDs                C35

SemiLEDs LEDs with the patented unique MvpLEDTM structure are revolutionizing the LED industry in terms of performance, quality, reliability and environmental awareness.
The specific advantages of using SemiLEDs LEDs are based on;
Quality by Design
            Greenest LEDs


Sept. - 2012 The Future of IGBT controlled by AgileSwitch

 Controlling the Power Electronics for Renewable Energy
-Solar/PV installations to reach 24 GW, up from 19 GW in 2010. 
 -Wind power installations will increase from 236 GW (2011) to 563 GW in 2017. 
 -5 million cars manufactured in 2016 will be full HEV, plug-in HEV or EV.  



June 2012 - Honglitronic moves to new facility

Our LED-supplier  will move to their new facility early next month. The new plant has a production capacity of LEDs per month


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