NCL2801LED2GEVB 150WITACOIL carried out the optimization of the demo board NCL2801LED2GEVB, a deep dimming 150W LED driver, resulting in the new demo board NCL2801LED2GEVB Rev. More info:

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InfineonDB e1676280154878130W PFC + LLC LED driver 1% dimming
Infineon® revised the PFC + LLC LED driver Demo Board REF-ICL5102-U130W-CC, adopting our LLC tank.
The improvements achieved include: higher efficiency, lower heating, smaller size and lower cost.
Read the comparative test report that led to this revision.
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DWG30A e1676279905866Image module
New integrated resonant transformer
A new size of LLC or LCC integrated resonant transfomer is now available.
The Dwg. 30A allows a continuous power of 280W, with a compact size of less than 34x36x22mm.
Custom design and sampling are ready in a few days!
See all the preferred sizes for LLC and LCC integrated resonant transformers.

Second-generation Full-SiC Power Modules for Industrial Use

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation provides second-generation full-SiC (silicon carbide) power modules featuring a newly developed SiC chip for industrial use. The low power loss characteristics and high carrier frequency operation1 of the SiC-MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) and SiC-SBD (schottky barrier diode) chips in the modules are expected to facilitate the development of more efficient, smaller and lighter weight power equipment in various industrial fields. Available since early 2021.

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Mitsubishi Electric to Launch Half-bridge Driver High-voltage (600V) IC with BSD Function

TOKYO, February 9, 2022 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced the coming launch of a half-bridge driver high-voltage (600V) integrated circuit (HVIC) equipped with a built-in bootstrap diode (BSD) function that can help to reduce the number of parts required in inverter systems. The new HVIC, which is designed for circuits that drive power semiconductors in low-capacity inverter systems, will also help to lower the power consumption of white goods, electric bikes and other electrical products. Sales will begin on April 1 2022.

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Power loss simulator

Mitsubishi Electric provides simulation software designed for the power loss calculation with Mitsubishi Electric power modules under customers specific application conditions (2-level*1 and 3-level*2 inverter circuit) and for junction temperature rises as a consequence of power loss.

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December 19th, 2018–Chunan Taiwan TSLC Corporation, a vertically integrated LED system manufacturer, announced sampling of its tri-color MiniLED series, targeted to provide LED display manufacturers with surface-mounting (SMT) compatible devices. The company will launch its first product in the tri-color multi pixel series, a 16-pixel RGB array component, to reduce total production costs through increased SMT throughput.
TSLC’s 16-pixel tri-color MiniLED array component “4x4RGBminiArray” aims to replace the market mainstream single pixel components through the advantage of reducing production costs. The 4x4RGBminiArray will simplify the SMT process as there are fewer components to handle, thus significantly increasing throughput over 15 times. The commercial markets strive to deliver top quality images resulting in the exponential increase of pixel count per display. By launching the 4x4RGBminiArray, TSLC provides a highly dense RGB pixel count in a single component.  

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Shindengen released a new website: Shindengen.com

Whole new waterproof package process! 

- Lower coil temperature and higher reliability.
- Simple structure and easy to assembly with dfifferent bearing system.
- Motor Set package alone. It is easy for 100% inspection of water proving reliability in process.
- Best application for Solar、Lighting and telecommunication market.
- Customized design for Acid、Alkali and Oil proving.

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