State of the art product rages from Rubycon , Johanson, AMC and Hitachi-AIC. Rubycon offer their triangle technology in which they manufacture in house the required foil, machinery and mass production of the electrolytic, polymer multi Layer, conductive polymer, double layer and film capacitors. Rubycon set standards on leading technology in small size, low impedance, high ripple and extended temperature capacitors. A full range of surface mount, radial leaded, snap-in and screw terminal types are offered. Also Rubycon is World leader of photo flash capacitors.

Johanson Dielectrics is well known for their high voltage ceramic capacitors, tantalum replacement Tanceram, Y2Y and AC safety capacitors along with their Polyterm/fail open terminal design avoiding cracking over thermal shocks.

AMC is a Johanson partner from which the special shaped, high temperature and radial leaded ceramic capacitors are offered.

Hitachi-AIC is well known for their large can Ecap solutions with Screw Terminals.


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