For consumer electronics power supply designs we offer from both Shindengen and Mitsubishi Electric hybrids for resonant topology designs including controller IC, diode and mosfet switchers in different type of power ratings. Also for low power DC/DC converter requirements unique topology is offered including the controller, switcher and inductor as one package. In Telecom and automotive related DC/DC designs Shindengen has a selection of hybrid solutions.

DIPIPM™ is a high performance IPM used primarily for consumer use inverters with the advance of next generations using mounted chips or transfer mold construction, products from Ver. 4 provide even smaller size by using high thermal conductivity insulation sheets.
Mounting a high voltage IC (HVIC) with a built-in high voltage level shift circuit enables direct input of an input signal from the microcontroller, without using a photo coupler. Further mounting a bootstrap circuit allows operation of an independent power supply for the IGBT drive of the upper arm (P side) of a 3-phase inverter connection.
In addition to our main product Version 6, we offer a lineup that includes SLIMDIP™ for consumer electronics, and the DIPIPM+™ small industrial equipment.

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