June 2012 - Honglitronic moves to new facility

Our LED-supplier  will move to their new facility early next month. The new plant has a production capacity of LEDs per month

Honglitronic is currently the biggest maker of SMD LED in the Chinese market, but its innovations show no signs of stopping.
Honglitronic is the first Chinese LED package manufacturer to pass LM-80 testing for their small Power LEDs


Completely focussed on LED's, Honglitronic is supplying a broad range of high quality LEDs ( LM-80! ) with perfect binning-possibilities for an aggressive price.
The picture shows the Honglitronic garden-like industrial estate ( about 101,118m2 ) in Guangzhou Huadu district.

More details about Honglitronic can be found via http://www.honglitronic.com .
Information with respect to a specific LED application can be requested via http://www.indel.com/information.html





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