YS Tech

yen sunAC and  DC cooling Fans, wide range of ventilators; for telecommunications applications, standard range with  ball- or sleeve-bearing and recently introduced new syntetico bearing. Optional IC functions of alarm, tachometer, thermistor speed control or custom types. Water proof option up to IP65!. Thermostat technology to support Green applications.

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YS-Tech Cooling

Besides ventilators, YS-Tech also supports heat sinks and combinations of heat sinks and ventilators. Custom design and optimized for LED-applications. Design proposals, material selection and heat simulations which result in a maximum temperature guarantee to optimize the LED-lifetime.

R&D & Core Technology

Y.S. TECH's Advanced Technology R&D Center utilizes various most advanced software while designing different impeller and heatsink for any particular cooling devices. This integrated supporting design software enables engineers and designers to stimulate a micro climate and then optimize the performance for any air moving devices.

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