Sept. - 2012 The Future of IGBT controlled by AgileSwitch

 Controlling the Power Electronics for Renewable Energy
-Solar/PV installations to reach 24 GW, up from 19 GW in 2010. 
 -Wind power installations will increase from 236 GW (2011) to 563 GW in 2017. 
 -5 million cars manufactured in 2016 will be full HEV, plug-in HEV or EV.  



These Renewable Energy/High Efficiency Applications have Increased Cost and Performance Requirements For IGBTs.
·         Decreased $/Watt
·         Higher current and voltage requirements
·         Faster switching speeds
·         Increased heat sensitivity
·         Higher efficiencies
·         Reducing switching losses

AgileSwitch Drivers Are Perfectly Matched for Industry Standard IGBTs
Designed from the ground up to work specifically with industry standard high power IGBT modules in demanding applications.

• Deliver more power than competitive gate drivers – only plug and play solutions available for 450A and 600A Econodual.
•Tuned to optimize industry standard IGBT performance
•Higher peak drive current capability, higher wattage ratings, higher voltage ratings, and superior dV/dT immunity.
•Lower idle power with efficient gate charge delivery to compliment the cleaner power switching of IGBTs.
•Advanced fault monitoring and control available:
                Separate HI and LO Faults, All Faults
Cross Latch/ Cross Over

Drivers can be Configured to Optimize the Application .
Configurations based on component changes or CPLD Programming – no need for custom PCBs
Some examples;

AgileSwitch Drivers Are Perfectly Matched for Industry Standard IGBTs but can be adapted to the needs of the customers.

For more details look in the AgileSwitch side or send us a request for more detailed information.




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