High Voltage Polyterm

Standard MLCCs are prone to cracking due to mishandling, depanelization, and board flexing. In response to customer requests for higher resistance to mechanical stress, and as a result of continuous efforts to improve our products, JDI has introduced PolyTerm® termination ceramic capacitors to meet those customer requirements for increased resistance to flexure cracking.

PolyTerm® is a conductive epoxy termination material loaded with silver, allowing it to absorb much more bending force than standard termination material. After termination PolyTerm® parts are nickel and tin plated using the same process as standard parts. There is no effect on solderability or capability to withstand the soldering process. PolyTerm® capacitors are ideal for use in telecom, power supply, inverter, and modem applications.



  • Lead Free Terminations 100% Sn, Final Termination
  • Electrodes: Pd/Ag
  • Core Termination: PolyTerm®
  • Middle Barrier Layer: Ni
  • External Termination Layer: 100% Sn
  • X7R temperature coefficient
  • Highly reliable performance
  • Industry standard case sizes

General Specifications

  • Case Size: 0805, 1206, 1210, 1808, 1812, 1825, 2211, 2220, 2225
  • Rated Voltage: 500 - 5,000VDC & 250 VAC
  • Dielectrics Type: NPO, X7R
  • Reliability: 1,000 Hrs, 125°C, 1.2 X WVDC
  • Solderability: J-STD-002
  • Certifications: TUV CERTIFIED to IEC 384 -14, IEC 60950 (250 VAC Safety Capacitors) 


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