A wide variety of diodes from first class global manufactures Shindengen and Microsemi.

Shindengen is well known for their diode bridge rectifiers and schottky barrier diodes with with very low Vf drop, Fast recovery diodes also specifically for PFC applications and rectifier diodes. All available in through hole or surface mount devices, single, dual and bridge configurations. Surge suppression diodes used in telecom lines.

Microsemi have an extensive range of commercial, industrial, medical, military and space qualified diodes of which the TVS [transient voltage suppressors] are most popular and available  in several power ranges and packages for wide application usage. PIN Diodes complete the high frequency range. Also we offer the so called silicon carbide SiC diodes through the PPG[M] group of Microsemi as discrete diodes and in modules for power rectification or in combination with Mosfet or IGBT’s.

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